Tailwinds: Vroom!

Last issue's Tailwinds photo, and a new one to spark your memories

Students around a car they made.
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Talking Tailwinds: ACES Gather at the Prescott Campus

Readers identified the alumni pictured in this photo (published in the fall 2019 edition of Lift) as volunteers for the Alumni Council for Enrollment Support (ACES). The group visited the Prescott Campus in 1989 for a training session. ACES volunteers helped leverage the efforts of Embry-Riddle’s office of admissions by attending and meeting with prospective students at college fairs near their homes. The program was later dissolved.

Group photo from the 1980s with Arizona mountains in the background
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The Western Theme

“The photo is likely an Alumni Council for Enrollment Support (ACES) meeting at the Prescott Campus in 1988 or 1989. The neckerchiefs were part of the western theme for events that week.”
Joseph Hillmon (’87)
B.S. Aeronautical Engineering

‘Goofy Bandanna’

“I am on the extreme right (red shirt, goofy bandanna). I supported ERAU for years as an alumni rep to various high school college nights. I remember visiting the Prescott Campus and looking over the (new) electrical engineering program, the first program that did not specifically reference an aviation tie-in.”
Douglas K. Manuel (’80, ’93)
B.S. Professional Aeronautics
M.S. Technical Management

Training Alumni to Engage Potential Students

“Yes, I am in this picture. This event in 1989 was an alumni training retreat at the Prescott Campus for a program called ACES. It was hosted by admissions and trained alumni to participate and engage potential students at college fairs across the country. Some of the participants in the photo — those I can recall — are John Wrightington (’79), Greg Patscheck (’81), Wes Oleszewski (’87), Teresa Oleszewski (’88), Marcus Burke (’85, ’87), and Doug Auld (’78).”
Garrett Ison (’87)
B.S. Aeronautical Studies

‘They’d Never Get Me to Wear [That]’

“The photo taken in Prescott is of the ACES Group, which stands for Alumni Council for Enrollment Support. It was an organization of alumni who went to schools and events to recruit students. The girl in the back row with the purple scarf is my wife Teresa Anderson (’88) and she’s holding a glass of chardonnay right in front of my face. It was a very useful conference, and the folks at Prescott were great to us. Sorry I do not recall the date. I didn’t even recall being in the picture. I looked at it and said, ‘They’d never get me to wear one of those dumb scarfs …’ Then I looked close and saw Teresa … and there I was wearing one of those dumb scarfs!”
Wes Oleszewski (’87)
B.S. Aeronautical Science