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  • 4-letter word. Clue: British engineers pioneered the first “lift jets” for take-off and landing that are commonly referred to as…
  • 5-letter word. Clue: John or Curtiss.
  • 2-letter word. Clue: Yes in Spanish.
  • 3-letter word. Clue: A large insurance group that underwrites aviation risks.
  • 3-letter abbreviation. Clue: An alternative power source for such tasks as engine starting and ground air conditioning.
  • 5-letter word. Clue: An associate of Sir Henry Royce who founded a world-renowned engine company.
  • 4-letter word. Clue: Lowest ranked U.S. Navy admiral.
  • 3-letter word. Clue: A lubricant.
  • 2-letter abbreviation. Clue: Dassault Falcon completion center is located in this state.
  • 3-letter abbreviation. Clue: British Flying Corps. Became the – blank – in WWI.
  • 3-letter abbreviation. Clue: An Air Reserve Component of the U.S. Air Force (Abv.).
  • 4-letter word. Clue: Well in Spanish.
  • 3-letter word. Clue: The movement of an aircraft about its vertical axis.
  • 2-letter abbreviation. Clue: Formerly Moisant, now Louis Armstrong airport, is located in this state.
  • 4-letter word. Clue: An airplane component particularly subject to damage upon landing.
  • 2-letter abbreviation. Clue: An alien.
  • 6-letter word. Clue: An icon, logo or mark.
  • 3-letter word. Clue: An organization of insurance companies, brokers and agents insuring aviation risks.
  • 7-letter word. Clue: German pioneer aircraft designer, best known for developing the world's first turbojet-powered aircraft in 1939.
  • 2-letter abbreviation. Clue: Initials for the American airmail pilot who completed the first non-stop, trans-Atlantic flight in May 1927.
  • 3-letter abbreviation. Clue: Airport code for Sloulin Field International located in Williston, North Dakota.
  • 2-letter abbreviation. Clue: Legacy carrier.
  • 3-letter word. Clue: British pioneer aircraft designer who founded a company which bore his name.
  • 2-letter abbreviation. Clue: Initials of the renowned American long-distance pilot who flew his Lockheed Vega around-the-world in July 1933.
  • 2-letter abbreviation. Clue: An annual period.


  • 8-letter word. Clue: Pitch angle of the propeller blades that can be changed in flight.
  • 2-letter abbreviation. Clue: State that is home to the largest passenger transfer airport by volume and count in the United States.
  • 7-letter word. Clue: Name for a steerable lighter-than-air craft. A dirigible.
  • 4-letter word. Clue: A major hub city for Scandinavian Airlines.
  • 10-letter word. Clue: German pioneer glider-builder and pilot.
  • 5-letter word. Clue: A navigational aid for long distance flights.
  • 6-letter word. Clue: Kinetic – blank. Associated with the motion of mechanical bodies like airplanes.
  • 6-letter word. Clue: Blank – body jet. A single aisle jet like the body of the B-737.
  • 2-letter word. Clue: Designator for a German aircraft manufacturer who built the first all-metal cantilever monoplane.
  • 2-letter abbreviation. Clue: Initials for the director of the Smithsonian Institution and eminent research professor who competed with the Wright's.
  • 4-letter word. Clue: A hinged wing trailing-edge surface which can be lowered partially to increase lift.
  • 4-letter word. Clue: A trade organization of the world's airlines.
  • 4-letter word. Clue: Very important part of a pilot's sight.
  • 4-letter word. Clue: Brain power.
  • 2-letter abbreviation. Clue: Initials for the largest supplier of books, digital media and educational products.
  • 4-letter word. Clue: Affirmative response.
  • 4-letter word. Clue: An American inventor and businessman whose company developed and manufactured the first business jet.
  • 3-letter word. Clue: A significant problem for pilots.
  • 2-letter abbreviation. Clue: Initials for Hitler's personal pilot. She was also the first woman in the world to pilot a helicopter.

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