Our Commitment to Sustainability

Why Lift is going digital-first, plus a letter to the editor

In a recent survey conducted by Embry-Riddle, 92% of survey respondents said that it is important for the university to demonstrate its commitment to social and environmental responsibility. In response, Lift is embarking on a new path that aligns with the university’s commitment to environmental sustainability, fiscal responsibility and our Eagle values, which call on us to be of service to one another.

Beginning in June 2022 with the Spring/Summer issue, Lift will become a “digital-first” publication, available for free to all Eagles, everywhere, with print copies available on a voluntary subscription basis. Further details are as follows:

DYNAMIC DIGITAL CONTENT. Lift will take advantage of the added interactive functionality of the digital space, while substantially reducing costs and shrinking the university’s carbon footprint. Our goal is to serve as the digital go-to destination for alumni and friends to access news and features about the university and its 140,000+ alumni community.

PRINT COPIES FOR CONTRIBUTORS. For those who still want the feel of a magazine in their hands, we have developed a print-on-demand option that will allow readers to receive a print subscription to Lift for a minimum philanthropic contribution of $25 annually. Proceeds from the tax-deductible subscription (minus a $5 premium for the cost of the magazine) will go to the One University Scholarship Fund. To start your subscription now, go to alumni.erau.edu/liftsubscription.

We hope you will share in our excitement over this new direction for Lift. Let us know what you think. Email liftmag@erau.edu.

Anthony Brown

Jared Isaacman in his flight suit
Jared Isaacman (’11) and the Inspiration4 launch was the subject of “Blasting Off to Cure Cancer,” from the Spring/Summer 2021 issue of Lift.

Inspired to Serve

I was never more proud to finally receive my B.S. in Professional Aeronautics 30-plus years after I started it. I’m even more proud now that I have learned that Jared Isaacman has the same degree.

After reading the article in Lift [Spring/Summer 2021: Blasting Off to Cure Cancer], it lifted my spirit and made me more determined to start my nonprofit organization for veterans.

I am a 100% disabled veteran, and all I have ever wanted to do is help other veterans. I have helped many with new claims for disability, but I really want to do more. The problem has been that I have been in a dark place and unwilling to do anything for at least two years. The Blasting Off to Cure Cancer article snapped me out of it, and I am more motivated than ever!

So, if you get a chance to talk to Mr. Isaacman, please tell him thank you for me. His inspiration has been worth more than all of the mental health classes I have taken.

Gary Bowers (’19)
B.S. Professional Aeronautics

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