Certified ‘Green’

The Worldwide Campus at Phoenix Sky Harbor is recognized for its recycling efforts

The City of Phoenix, Ariz., recently named the Worldwide Campus at Phoenix Sky Harbor a Green Business Leader. The campus is the first college or university to receive this designation, which honors companies that actively support sustainability and recycling.

“We have been recycling at our campus for many years,” says Nancy Zeman, Worldwide Campus director. “I feel recycling is an easy way to contribute to a better environment for us and for future generations.”

Zeman learned of the city’s green business program on Twitter. The certification included an application and a Green Audit by the city.

“We are grateful for the support of our students and faculty, many of whom recycle at home and at work, and who contribute greatly to our program’s success,” Zeman says.

A secondary benefit to recycling for the campus has been cost savings. “As our diversion rate increased, we have been able to reduce our campus trash removal costs by over 60 percent,” Zeman says. “I am pleased our campus qualified to join this group of businesses who are making a difference in the Phoenix area.”