Game Time

Readers identify the pool sharks from last issue's Tailwinds photo

Black and white photo of students shooting pool and playing arcade games
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Readers fill in the blanks on one of their favorite gathering spots, pictured in the image above, which was published in the Spring/Summer 2021 issue of Lift.

Searching for the Sun King

While I don’t recognize any of the “Pool Sharks,” in between classes I worked in the U.C. [University Center] Cafeteria (1981-1983) and always remember staring at that National Airlines B747 (with the very cool Sun King logo!) any chance I could, including during weekly Friday afternoon forays to the Pub.

Recently, I returned to campus and was amazed by all the changes — it truly looks like a university now; however, I wonder whatever happened to that B747. Sure hope it’s tucked away neatly inside the ERAU archives?

Chuck Hurdleston (’84)
B.S. Aeronautical Studies
Model of a Boeing 747 aircraft hung above utility shelving inside an Embry-Riddle labEDITOR’S NOTE: Rest assured, Chuck — the Sun King B747 is safe and sound. It was in the alumni office for a while but is now hanging in the Aircraft Systems Lab in the Emil Buehler Aviation Maintenance Science building, room 233.

Pool Shark(s) Identified!

As to the picture on the back of the magazine, I believe it is about 1977, and I am the guy with the pool cue in the air in the center of the picture. I believe Chris Basso is the one standing next to me (to my right), also with a pool cue. Behind me with his arm on the pinball machine, I believe, is Paul Fitzgerald.

Mark Nichols (’78)
B.S. Aeronautical Science

Fantastic Memories

The picture is circa 1975 or 1976 at the U.C., as we called it. The U.C. opened in 1975. Who knows … I may be in the photo. I may recognize one or two folks. In any case, we for the most part all lived in the dorm. There was only ONE then — Doolittle. I was in room 242 for my first two years before moving on to Snapfinger Woods Apartments on Nova.

This is soooo cool. It looks like a line for the cafeteria at dinner time in the upper left. The games/pool table were perhaps a quarter per game! Wow!!!!!!! The memories are fantastic.

1st Lt. Barry Cohen (’79, ’80)
B.S. Aeronautical Science Master of Business Administration

‘Proud to be Part of ERAU’

The photo looks like it’s circa 1978 to 1985. I might even be one of the skinny kids with his back turned to the camera. What a great place to spend time between classes or have some fun after class and special events: 25-cent beers at happy hour at the Pub, Philly steak-n-cheese punches on my meal plan card and games of pool.

Registration for upcoming trimester was always challenging — the school was always taking care of the students, and we all felt proud to be part of ERAU. [I still look] back at the fantastic instructors and professors that, to this day, shape my work ethic.

Jeffrey R. Engborg (’85)
B.S. Aviation Maintenance Management