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Four Embry-Riddle faculty, Brent A. Terwilliger (’00, DB; ’05, WW), program chair for the M.S. in Unmanned Systems at the Worldwide Campus, David Ison (’03, WW), research chair for the College of Aeronautics at the Worldwide Campus, John Robbins (’08, DB), program coordinator for the B.S. in Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Science at the Daytona Beach Campus, and Dennis Vincenzi, chair of the aeronautics department, undergraduate studies, at the Worldwide Campus, authored Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Guide: Exploring Designs, Operations, Regulations, & Economics. The book will be published in fall 2016 by Aviation Supplies & Academics.

“Three of the authors are alumni and many of our colleagues across all three campuses, 15 plus, have played a part in providing thorough review and recommendation of the text, so this is very much an Embry-Riddle Unmanned Aircraft Systems community effort,” says Terwilliger. Given the Federal Aviation Administration’s announcement of small-UAS regulations in June 2016, the timing of the book’s release is significant. It covers many of the critical areas associated with the acquisition, operation and sustainment of small UAS.

“Our hope is that it will be a useful resource to many of our students, alumni and partners,” Terwilliger says.

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Cass D. Howell
, professor of aeronautical science at Embry-Riddle’s Daytona Beach Campus, authored Forty Years and Forty Fathoms, a novel published by Bluewater Press in 2016. Set in the early 1980s in Hawaii, this mystery thriller explores themes of revenge, love and redemption. Howell is a retired Marine Corps officer and the son of a Pearl Harbor survivor.
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Gary C. “GC” Tracy (’61, MC, Non-degree) authored a memoir entitled, An Aircraft Mechanic: When Embry-Riddle Educated Mechanics in Miami. Because of the described historical relationship between Embry-Riddle and the then all-female Barry College in Miami, Barry University has included the memoir in their archived special collections. Tracy earned an airframe and powerplant certificate from Embry-Riddle and went on to earn a bachelor’s degree from York University and a master’s degree from the University of Toronto.
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Wes Oleszewski (’87, DB) authored Growing Up with Spaceflight, a six volume set covering projects Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Skylab/ASTP and the Space Shuttle. The set is published by Oleszewski’s publishing company, Klyde Morris LLC. Growing Up with Spaceflight takes a look at what it was like to be raised during the golden years of America’s manned space program and watch its development from the outside. “Each volume is garnished heavily with technical details about each program, as well as previously overlooked, yet fascinating facts, all told in a narrative fashion,” Oleszewski says.
George L. King (’87, DB) authored two action-adventure novels: The Hidden Enemy, which revolves around his fascination with black holes, and The Ten Phases of Ansbach, which draws from his experiences as a U.S. Army soldier stationed in Germany. King is a contracted financial consultant in the Los Angeles area.

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