Message from the Alumni Association

Throughout the past 90 years, one thing has remained constant for Embry-Riddle: aviation. The rumble of reciprocating engines, the riff of a high-speed pass and the thundering concerto of the Space Shuttle at launch—these are the heartbeats around which Embry-Riddle was formed and has endured.

The instruments may have changed over the years, but the response to this music has not. Embry-Riddle alumni gaze skyward when they hear it; they watch, they admire and they dream, even if they’ve seen the miracle of flight thousands of times before. And, it’s not just our pilots who appreciate these sounds. Engineers, aviation business people and financiers, airframe and powerplant technicians, communications and marketing folks, all honor the industry they love and support with a glance up.

It’s this shared passion that drives everything Embry-Riddle. The history of aviation and the accomplishments of those who came before inspire our students and alumni to greatness as they envision and orchestrate the future of this ever-evolving arena.

In May, an additional 1,200-plus alumni joined our fold. These new graduates are the aviation and aerospace leaders of tomorrow. We at the Alumni Association couldn’t be prouder of our alumni—of all ages. We applaud your efforts every day, and we’re tireless in promoting your achievements. You are the Embry-Riddle name. You share in the Embry-Riddle legacy in perpetuity.

Let us know what you’re doing, so we can boast about you to your peers—and to the world. And, help us celebrate our 90th anniversary by sharing the stories and photos of your unique Embry-Riddle experience. Visit this link to upload your story and/or view others’ memories:

Embry-Riddle Eagles will continue to strive for and reach new heights for the aviation/aerospace industry. We’re excited to see what the next 10, 20, 50, and even the next 90 years will hold for our great university. We may not be around to see it, but someone who shares our passion will. Keep looking up!

Forever an Eagle!

Bill Thompson (’87, PC)
Executive Director