Edmund Odartey

Embry-Riddle Attracts Action Heroes

Take the next step and volunteer

From freshman year on, Eagles engage in research, technology-oriented clubs and entrepreneurial competitions. Despite demanding jobs, alumni continue to volunteer, putting their skills to work in service to their neighbors, supporting drone deployment to improve conservation and sparking children’s interest in STEM.

That generous spirit and hands-on habit remains strong long after Eagles “go pro,” as demonstrated by the energy alumni direct to professional organizations, educational and mentoring programs and nonprofit organizations.

You also stay invested — emotionally and financially — in the success of Eagles. Thank you. Whether you volunteer as a guest speaker, mentor or advocate for Embry-Riddle interns and new hires, contribute to scholarships or inspire future professionals as an Eagle Ambassador or Eagle Author, you are making a difference in student — and industry — success. 

As with planes, the faster a bird flies, the greater the lift potential. As you share your career milestones with us in our Class Notes, we cheer your personal achievement as well as what your swift rise to prominence and influence can mean to today’s students. Alumni Career Engagement is always here to help you expand your network and advance your career.

As Senior Vice President for Philanthropy and Alumni Engagement Kelly Dowling joins us this month, new leadership will reignite our commitment to support the success of all Forever Eagles in our flock. We welcome your ideas on how we can strengthen relationships and create new opportunities to connect graduates and students.

On behalf of the Philanthropy and Alumni Engagement team, we wish our extended Eagle family a safe, happy and uplifting 2023.

Find your fit at alumni.erau.edu/volunteer.