Photo of young women alumni with the director of admissions.

Eagles Remember Classmates

Students in 1960s photo include aviation management grads

I remember this photo. It was the first group of women to enroll at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical Institute circa 1967. I had a work-study job and worked in the mail room. It was the talk of the school to actually have women enrolled.

To Mr. [Harry] Ness’ left is Penny. She married another alumnus named Alan Kirby. Penny was from New York. A few other names can be found in the Sept. 18, 1970, edition of The Avion. On page 13, it mentioned Ann Marie Pires and Trish Redmond. The photo on page 1 also shows several, including Trish. I wrote the article for Sigma Phi Delta in that edition. Linda Clogan is another name that I remember.

Also check the 1969 Phoenix. Patricia Chovanec graduated with an A.S. in Aviation Management. Several of the women are pictured in that edition also. 

I do not believe that Embry-Riddle ever started a flight attendant program. Most of these women were registered in Aviation Management.

Bruce Rozett (’71)
B.S. Aeronautical Engineering

I dug pretty deep into my memory banks and my copy of the Phoenix, and I think I can help with the names of three of the ladies in the picture. I was at Riddle from ’67 to ’69 and knew the three girls near the center of photo so I thought I’d try to help you out. [Linda Larson fourth from left. Patricia Chovanec is fifth from right. Patricia Redmond is third from right.] The rest of them did not look familiar. It was fun going back through my old Phoenix. It brought back great memories.

Frank Alexander (’69)
B.S. Aviation Management