A Career Winner

Angie Engel is eager to help Eagle alumni advance their careers

With more than a decade of career counseling experience, Angie Engel began her profession in the Seattle area, connecting job candidates with major aerospace and supply chain employers, like Boeing and Amazon. 

“I like a win,” she says. “When we are able to prepare someone and help them land that next great job, that’s what I find most rewarding.” 

Now, as Embry-Riddle’s new assistant director of alumni career engagement, Engel is eager to help Eagle alumni advance their careers. 

Edmund Odartey (’04, ’10), executive director of alumni engagement, says Embry-Riddle has a great career placement record for new graduates, but alumni have voiced a desire for help with career advancement. Alumni engagement plans to conduct a survey to determine exactly what services are most important to alumni, he says. 

“It’s a valuable service that we can give back to alumni,” he says. “They get out of college and need additional support to advance in their careers and move to mid-level and C-suite positions.” 

From mid-career résumé reviews to help with professional branding, Engel will offer a range of services to Eagle alumni. 

“We will be providing one-on-one support and virtual workshops,” she says. 

Engel’s experience includes seven years working as assistant director of career services at Central Washington University’s Seattle Campus, plus working as a career advisor at Virginia Tech and the University of Central Florida. At recruitment firm Lee Hecht Harrison, she provided executive branding for candidates from Fortune 500 companies. 

She will coordinate with Embry-Riddle’s Career Services but will focus on assisting mid-to-late career alumni. Additionally, her job is university-wide, so she will work with Eagle alumni from the Daytona Beach, Florida, and Prescott, Arizona, residential campuses, and the Worldwide campus. 

“Angie will be complementing what our Career Services team is already doing,” Odartey says. “The main goal is to see Eagle alumni be successful and strengthen the ‘Hire an Eagle’ brand.” 

Engel says she also hopes to tap into the existing alumni base to connect job candidates and employment opportunities, with Eagles helping Eagles. The second phase of her job will focus on setting up an Eagle mentoring program. 

“Employers need talent, so it helps to create the Eagle talent pipeline,” she says. 

Alumni can contact Angie Engel at alumnicareer@erau.edu or 386.226.6153